LED Flashlight Function

The scope of a light beam and power are two different things. Even if the power affects the scope, the beam concentration also plays a lot.
The range depends on the brightness measured at beam center (in one spot so) weighted by the ambient conditions (humidity, visibility, …). This brightness is measured in lux and its measurement requires a light meter, an inexpensive device which can be obtained very easily.
The measured value is dependent on the distance. It is actually inversely proportional to the square of the distance, provided ideal conditions (no haze, …).
The formula relating the distance to the brightness in lux is the following, where D is the distance measurement, the L measured in lux, and indexes both measurement points, is valid only from a distance of a few meters:

Designer Lighting For Bedroom

The range of online shops Designort.com steadily growing and is soon more extensively with the addition of new designer lamps. Your search for adequate illumination we therefore always try to simplify with user-friendly navigation and make use of the design place-blog for this purpose. There we present not only manufacturers, designers and the production of our lamps, but scour always our portfolio by design luminaires that can be living rooms specifically designed. Recently we asked you stylish lighting for the kitchen before and showed that standard lamps as modern living room lights convince. For this post we have in our online shop made ​​us to look for designer lamps for bedroom and found some that we would like to share with you!

LED Bulbs for Lamps

Since the progressive ban of incandescent bulbs within the European Community, many consumers are in doubt as to which lighting technology they should use in the future. Fluorescent energy-saving lamps are available for a long time, but enjoy because of their inflexible applications, the not always pleasant appearing light and the time lag until they have reached their full light output, not all consumers great popularity. Moreover, these energy-saving lamps are due to the presence of harmful substances, especially mercury, come to talk for some time.


In Fredflare there is a USB hub in dog form. With a long USB connector cable and tail and four paws, at which additional USB devices can be connected.

USB ports are missing actually always. Especially for modern laptops and netbooks are often just to find two that obviously not enough if you still want to connect an additional keyboard or mouse, wants to invite his smartphone and then still have to dub data from a USB flash drive.

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Light

Driving at night or in poor visibility required to have good lighting. It is necessary to see its way but also to be seen by other motorists in particular. In terms of bicycle lights, the choice may, however, be wide … Halogen lamps, LED, battery or dynamo? Here are the right questions to ask before buying a fire!

Halibut Fishing Tips and Tricks

Halibut is a large saltwater fish that live mainly in the oceans Pacific and Atlantic. Halibut is a popular food fish due to its low fat content, delicate flavor and firm texture. Because of the popularity of this type, there are some regions where the population is getting over – hunting and danger of extinction. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recommends avoiding fishing in heavily trafficked areas such as the Atlantic, but recommends halibut fishing in Alaska or California as an alternative.

Pillow Choosing the Right One

We sleep one third of our life and, according to a study, one in three people suffer from sleep disorders. The choice of the pillow is essential for sleep and sleep quality. The function of the pillow is to support the neck, head (representing 1/8 of body weight), to support and maintain the spine horizontally to relax the muscles to relax the mind.

For good sleep, it is important to choose his bedding, but it is also essential to choose a good pillow to wake up in great shape. The firmness of the latter is also very important for comfort. This firmness is defined by your sleeping position during the night. If you sleep on your back, choose a fairly firm pillow. The side position requires a firm pillow and one on your stomach a soft pillow.

Bikini Lovers Price

Costumes glamorous allure and very teen, recalls the colorful 80s prints and a few details that will make diva women who will sport them.We find out the bathing suits of the Italian brand for 2016!

Bikini Lovers: the costume collection 2016! The Italian brand, declared vocation fashion and teen, presents its bikini for summer 2016. Quality Costumes, ranging from colors most switched to the more sober tones but all equally bound by the high quality of the fabrics.


Bikini Lovers aims to target more young, the costumes of the 2016 summer season covering the necessary points and leave the body in the sun for a tan almost without coming off! Prints recall the colorful 80s, even in color. Green phosphorescent and deep blue, together with pink, stand out on the brand’s models. Even the most romantic fantasies, like those flowers, there is no shortage of color and vibrancy.

How to Buy a Baby Sleeping Bag

We’ll tell you why it is important to use this “quilts sleeveless” what they say to the European Commission on this issue, how to select an appropriate sleeping bag and also for quality in cotton, used by Red Castle – soft, gentle and endearing about your child, known under the trademark Fleur de Coton®.

The first five comes from the number of available dimensions: 65 cm (0 to 4 months), 75 cm (4 to 9 months), 90 cm (9 to 15 months), 105 cm (over 15 months) and 120 cm ( over 2 years). Models 65 cm and 75 cm fasten adjustable (2 levels shoulders) through buttons have a long horizontal zipper that helps to open at the bottom and thus changing the baby’s diaper is much easier. Models 90 cm, 105 cm and 120 cm zip fastening vertically, opening it upwards to avoid the risk of injury to the baby or accidental opening. With these 5 different sizes of sleeping bags, your child will sleep peacefully throughout their childhood.