Google Spaces Thoroughly, So Is The New Application for Group Sharing

Since yesterday we enjoy in our Android devices a new Google social app, the new service called Spaces or spaces in Spanish which offers us a powerful tool for share content with small groups.

Who has already used Google Spaces you will have noticed that is not a messaging application groups it seeks neither to it, is an application of publications social network-style, but that the contents shared with our group of friends through spaces that we create to discuss any topic.

Offer of The Week in Google Play: Retrorika Icon Pack and Monster Mingle Than €0,10

Google Play It continues by lowering applications and games to 0.10 euros every week, and every Tuesday as we do a small review to learn which are the two offers that we can buy for a week at the irresistible price.

For this week Google Play It has lowered an application for lovers to customizations and a game designed for the smallest of the House. Until next week we can buy Retrorika Icon Pack and Monster Mingle than €0,10.

Google Launches Spaces, Your New Application Social to Chat and Share in Groups Now Available!

Filtering more than one month ago, today Google Spaces It is already a reality. Google has just officially present their new Messaging service focused exclusively for share anything through small groups.

Google Spaces allows us to create spaces on particular themes and add participants to chat and share content about a topic in particular. In this way we can have a space to talk about literature, the trip this summer or next weekend, to cite some examples. Google Spaces offers us a way to quickly and easily address each issue of separate and organized manner.

Google Maps 9.26: Notifications of New Places, Search on Walking Routes and Bike, and More

If you like shopping or dining at new or popular sites then you will love the new version of Google Maps that is already coming to Android devices.

Its new update to the version 9.26, Google Maps is filled with the following new features we’ll see after the jump, being the new notifications of new and popular places one of its main innovations.

Line Has Managed to Reach The 500 Million of Downloads in Google Play

Line It is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, and it has recently come to the not inconsiderable figure of 500 million downloads Google play. It is not the highest figure, obviously, but this gives us a small idea of how popular that is this app in the world.

In total, Line has 700 million users (it should not be forgotten that it is multiplatform) which, although is still quite behind the 900 million of Messenger and 1,000 million users of Whatsapp, It is the most strong opponent today considering that Telegram is still quite below with more than 100 million users.

WhatsApp Will Never Be a Service in The Cloud

On occasion we have criticized here that WhatsApp has had to resort to bungling to not become, like most of its competitors, a service in the cloud. The decision to become a single messaging platform has made to that service from multiple devices cannot be used (therefore they launched WhatsApp Web but requires that the mobile phone is connected) and backup messages in Google Drive (as opposed to the automatic backup of your competitors). But it seems that there is no reverse gear.

Increasingly Our Android Is More Protected, Thus Is How Google Has Improved Security

Google has today published the annual report of Security in Android in which they analyze and give information about how improved the safety of our devices for 2015, analysing the achievements.

Our Android devices are becoming safer, and download malware from Google Play each time is more difficult. Google to look for threats to nip them as soon as possible.

Offer of The Week in Google Play: 14 Days Time and Alien Vs Predator: Evolution to 0.10 Euros

For this week Google Play It has prepared us two very good deals, with an application and a game with a rating of 4.5 stars that during the next seven days down its price of 2.99 euros to irresistible 0,10 EUR.

For a few cents can buy ad-free version of The 14 days time and the video game Alien vs Predator: Evolution. As you can see are two very tempting offers.

With This Trick You Can Browse Made Multiple Destinations with Google Maps for Android

Would many people be able to add Add multiple destinations in Google Maps for Android how from years ago can be done from the web version, but still it is not possible to do this from the application, as much we can add a stop or detour on our route on the fly.

But not all is lost, Google Maps for Android supports navigation towards various destinations but for the moment does not allow add multiple destinations. Then how begins the navigation to multiple destinations with Google Maps for Android? So very easy, with the help of a computer.

Google Calendar Tea Lets You Add Your Goals to Find The Best Time of Day to Perform Them

Do you never find time for exercise, read, learn a language, or play an instrument? Therefore have no more excuses with the new version of the application of Google Calendar for Android.

The Google Calendar now lets you Add your goals to remove this time for what matters most to you and you think that you don’t have. Google will be in charge of organizing our week so we can complete our events and goals.

Five Reasons for Using Firefox on Android

Indeed, for many people Firefox is a thing of the past. Chrome has eaten the market of web browsers, and if we talk about Android the effect is even more accused. But there are still reasons to believe in Firefox, for use.

As web browser is fully functional. But many people accustomed to using their passwords synchronized via Google and in this Chrome has a great asset. But also Firefox has this feature. And in addition to this other five things that may serve to convince you of that, at least try it.

Offer of The Week in Google Play: My Alarm Clock and Medieval Building Bridge to 0.10 Euros

As every Tuesday we do a small review of the two offerings that you can find from today until the coming plunge to the tempting week 0,10 EUR. For this week Google Play lowered the price of Alarm Clock y Bridge Medieval Constructor.

Prior to learn more about these do offers you reported that the wide promotion of Humble Mobile Bundle 18 is active and that gives us less than 7 euros ten great game for Android: Freeze! 2, Evoland, Adventures of little echo, Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville, Broken Sword 5 Episode 1, Goat Simulator GoatZ, The Beggar completo Ride, Boulder Dash, Broken Sword 5 Episode 2 and the highly recommended This War of Mine.

Offer of The Week in Google Play: Golfshot Plus and Karateka Classic €0,10

Joins the tempting offer of the Humble Mobile Bundle 18 two new offers of the week of Google Play with an application and game reduced to irresistible 10 cents of euro.

This week we found in the section of the offer of the week the biggest discount seen to date, the application Golfshot Plus low of 29.99 euros 0.10 euros. The game offer is Karateka Classic that low of 0.99 euros 0.10 euros.