On Air: Live-Streaming Apps in the Test

Why still text type, post despicable images or watch youtube videos, if it is also authentic: live videos are all the rage, everyone can take part, sending himself and his experiences via mobile phone camera in the world and that at the moment in which it happens. Uncut, uncensored, up-to-date, and completely close off the true life. Our site has tested the five most popular live video apps and reveals which out brings you the best big. Read what you should when the smart live circuit, tips (below).

And all join in!

2011, the first teenager with a penchant for self-promotion younow before the Smartphone Portal klemmten in the United States. You told, commented on, or just looked too. 2014, the shaft spilled over to Germany. With the periscope purchased by Twitter new illustrative material on the net and that land now 100 years every day! Also Facebook recently jumped on the bandwagon: held by status message social media fans may share with now able in live sent moving images and many users do that. In five years, there are only videos with us, predicts Nicola Mendelsohn, head of Europe at Facebook.

Xiaomi MI Max in the Practice Test: Smartphone Giant Dwarf Price

Test verdict: What you should know

XXXL-screen with enough focus, strong mid-range hardware with large battery and two good cameras the Xiaomi MI Max is a world-class giant! The operation is a revelation whether size at the beginning of getting used to, which are blurred boundaries between Tablet and Smartphone but just watch the movies or games. If you want a great Smartphone with current hardware, not passes currently Max Wed. Yet there are downsides: the missing LTE volume 20 should be a knockout criterion for many users, as well as the cumbersome purchase from the far East. Best price on the Internet: 239.00 euro * this product at Amazon order per outstanding value for money sharp, huge full-HD display powerful mid-range hardware good camera long battery life fingerprint sensor and dual SIM contra no LTE volume 20 purchase only on detours from China possible from work without German language assessment of editorial good users rating now write a plus, XL and what the marketing departments still everything for ornamental epithet invents XXL-smartphones are fully in line with the trend. So, Samsung increased its Galaxy S7 edge compared to the S6-edge predecessor just to stately 0.4 inch, equivalent to 1 cm. Excited cries fail, much of the technology company has long accustomed to rapid growth. Even Apple could plus the megalomania that in September 2014 featured iPhone 6 won’t escape. Only the iPhone SE coincides with its 4-inch screen from the frame, in addition to the mini exception technically equivalent XS alternatives are now but scarce. In China, considering not only one, but several numbers greater. Above all Xiaomi: the Chinese cult brand with the new MI Max a real mobile scrappy to the predatory pricing (starting at 200 euro!) brought out, which doesn’t make it likely to through formal channels to Germany. It’s a shame as the test shows.

The Pokedetector Is Your Smartphone in Your Pocket

Who plays Pokemon GO, who knows the problem: always look at the Smartphone falls and trappings, the world seems forgotten. But after a few hours, the battery is the spirit on display, GPS and mobile data connection need too much energy. Remedy promises the app Pokedetector. Runs on your Smartphone in the background and sends you a notification once a Pokemon in your area is emerging.

Download: Pokedetector download at Google Play

Simple function

Once you have downloaded the app from the store of the play, you get a very simple interface when opening. You login with your account details and set a scan interval in the settings. There, you decide how often your phone checks for Pokemon in the environment. You can choose between a scan per second and a scan every ten minutes. Our site recommends the setting on all two minutes to fix, so that your battery is not immediately back Tuckered.

Pokedetector in the background

Then is the Pokedetector in operation and you can close the app, insert your smartphone into pocket and embark on great walks through the streets. If a Pokemon nearby shows up, the app via push notification will inform you. You then immediately know which Pokemon it is and can start hunting. Unfortunately, there’s the app only in English so that the name of the Pokemon sometimes differ from the German name. Nice feature: the Pokedetector recognizes whether you play just Pokemon GO and send then no further notifications.

Pokemon on the Smartwatch

With the appropriate Smartwatch including Android wear come the push messages of also the Pokedetectors on your wrist. This works easily in everyday life. Shortcoming: For each Ratz Fash and Taubsi, users can get a push message. Who wants to filter by particular Pokemon, must opt for the paid premium version. “Thanks to the Pokedetector app I no more forever like a Smartphone-zombie the streets must err.” Robert Berg, editor of telecommunications & Internet

Pokemon GO: you need to know these tips!


Cortana for iOS and Android: Mobile Phone with the Windows-10-PC Network

Cortana is Microsoft’s alternative to Siri and Google now and has learned yet once firmly in the latest Windows-10 anniversary update. It is especially handy when Cortana also on the Smartphone – as important information, SMS, and notifications appear then parallel on all devices of the same account. From House does it work only with Windows mobile Smartphones (and soon on the Xbox one). But it goes even without Microsoft Smartphone: COMPUTER picture shows, how to install Android and iOS Cortana and connect with your PC.


Cortana tried: can Microsoft’s language assistant on the PC

The Cortana on Android and iOS

Pokemon GO: New Monsters and Pokestops?

It was one of the most important performances during the comic-con in San Diego last week. In the largest Hall with over 6,500 seats was a new man in the spotlight: John Hanke, Chief of Niantic, talked about the enormous success of Pokemon GO in the past few weeks. He announced: Pokemon GO has currently only functionality of roughly 10 percent. Much more to come in the near future.

Pokemon GO: you need to know these tips!

Server problems are fixed

In many points discussed Hanke with the host Chris Hardwick on the worldwide roll-out of the game, noted that the server issues will be corrected in the medium term. And the Niantic CEO revealed a few details about the future of the game. The most exciting information for Pokemon fans: new generations of Pokemons pull in the game a.

Smartphone Flat-Rate: Very Popular, But Often Completely Oversized

Most smartphone users make calls up to 100 minutes a month, and a vast majority sent a maximum of 100 SMS per month. And though the Smartphone to surf is used increasingly in the mobile Internet, half of smartphone users comes with 500 megabytes included volume or less.

Interviewed customers without allnet flat rate

So is the summary of a study of the market research portal Statista on behalf of the cellular provider congstar. 2,151 consumers without allnet flat have been questioned. In this respect, the investigation is only restricted to all Smartphone owners transferable, because such potentially better exploit the unlimited services at flat rate and can thus consume more minutes and SMS.

Ethno Tariffs: Mobile Phone Users With A Migration Background Should Make Sure

Hot Ay Yildiz, Lebara Mobile or Mobilka and aimed at German customers with a migration background. You want to make calls not only with friends and relatives in Germany, but also with family members in their countries of origin. Especially on Turkish and Russian-born mobile phone users the provider bent, as they make up a relatively large share of the population.

Relatively expensive fares,…

The ethno rates compared with normal rates, not directed at a specific group, are quite expensive. For Allnet-Flatrate with 2 gigabyte inclusive volume for mobile Internet you pay 6.99 euros for example at winsim currently monthly. A similar fare at Ay Yildiz 29,99 euros but also a flat rate in the Turkish fixed-line contains. That justifies the extra 23 euros for the targeted audience may.

Wileyfox Spark: Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Wileyfox spark is a great entry-level Smartphone for individualists with a smaller purse. The design is chic and unusual, thanks to the cyanogen OS 13 operating system, there are numerous ways to personalize your phone and safer. To join the useful features such as dual-SIM and the fast data link LTE support. The display is sharp and bright, but every fingerprint and grease stain remembers. The slow operating speed and the small space slightly diminish the pleasure. Best price on the Internet: 104,72 euro * this product at Amazon sharp and bright display order Pro,… Higher security and more personalization options with cyanogen OS light and handy unusual design replaceable battery dual SIM LTE contra… The fingerprints magically attracts control slow-paced little free space satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now assess there is young in the Fox compound: the British manufacturer Wileyfox has developed a new model with the spark for beginners. The plastic Smartphone is slightly thicker than a Samsung Galaxy S7, but also much lighter than the popular top model which is pleasant in the hands. The front page looks spiffy with their rounded edges of the display. As in the Wileyfox Swift, the slightly slippery back consists of brushed on plastic that feels like a fabric cover. Along with the embossed Fox head logo that stands out spark out of the mass of cheaper Android smartphones. Under the removable rear a replaceable battery are dual SIM, as well as the Smartphone dominated shafts for a microsd card and two micro-SIM cards. The volume buttons left and switch right on the housing are processed as well as the rest of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: 129 Euro Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

At the small Galaxy tab A 7.0 Samsung must not repair the software via system update harmonises with the hardware, as it should be. Until then, sophisticated tablets like the Medion P9514 P8311 (129 euros) in this price range are the better choice. Best price on the Internet: 116,99 Euro * this product on Amazon store order Pro of precision touch screen long battery life LTE version surcharge expandable counter something slow working pace of built-in memory very modest cameras, NFC is missing some clunky Testrating of editorial 3.24 satisfying user rating now evaluate not too classy, not too cheap: the Galaxy tab A models are Samsung’s bread and butter tablets Android models with great features at a less than calculated price so. Now the Koreans in addition to the 10-inch version of Galaxy tab A-10.1 (2016) for the first time bring a small variant on the market. The hammer: Samsung labeled the price tag of the Galaxy tab A 7.0 with 129 euros. Does this Bill?

Battery Monster: The Best Smartphones for Pokemon GO!

Here Pikachu and Charizard as Pokemon GO is still always on everyone’s lips. The surprising hype there is no end currently in sight. The hunters of the little pocket monsters are quickly identified: with the Smartphone people on the street wave around wildly in all directions, what with the essential charge cord hangs an oversized battery pack. Yes, hobby Pok√©mon trainer truly not have it easy. Just don’t look right when looking at the percentage of the battery. That melts in perceived seconds faster then as the ice in the hot summer sun. Our site wanted it more precisely know and has grabbed popular Smartphones from all price ranges with some surprising results. You find in the following photo series.

4moms Moxi: Stroller for Smartphone Junkies

Parents of young children have it not always easy when they spin in the fresh air with the rascals: the youngest scream, the diapers are full and the curbs are too high. If even the battery of the beloved Smartphone is the spirit, many see red. The company 4moms wants to intervene here with helping and announces a baby stroller called Moxi for all parents, who on the road do not want on their mobile phone or can.

Ongoing power generation

The highlight: generators that produce electricity with each revolution is hidden in the rear wheels. The Smartphone can connect to a USB port in the handle of the stroller and therefore charge, so do not run out of steam run out the cell phone while walking. The generators also operate headlights and rear lights approaching cars should recognize eventually in time him on the Moxi in the dark. Still an LCD display that shows the time, distance traveled, and current temperature next to the Smartphone battery sits on the handle. Calories burned while running with an app can calculate and make adjustments to the Moxi. The bed for the child can be swivelled in both directions, a storage area offers space for play and booster. The Smartphone prams can not fold however.

Google Maps: Offline Mode And Traffic Delays

The Android app of the map service of Google Maps gets two new functions: limit the data traffic via the mobile phone network to a minimum with offline and save power. There’s also notifications soon on request if trains or buses running late in urban transport. The new features are available to only a few users currently in test mode. When they appear for all Android devices and whether there are features in ios, is still unclear.


Offline maps in Google maps is there already. You can save advance these snippets in the Wi-Fi on your device, so they go not download over the mobile data network. In the new mode only Wi-Fi, which soon can turn on a switch in the settings, limited Google maps to display these maps, as long as you have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Warns when first using the function, that however small amounts of data through the mobile line transferred to, but significantly lower than in the normal operation.

Vodafone Presents LTE Turbo 4.5 G

The capacity of mobile surfing have been steadily rising. Already by 2020, the mobile phone standard 5 G should be established. Previously Vodafone takes a half step further and now takes the fastest mobile base stations of in Germany located near Hanover in operation. Only on appropriate Smartphones that will cope with the LTE Turbo 4.5 G, lacking still.

So there is lot of speed in the provinces

16 images of the measured values pioneer in speed

In the next six months, more mobile base stations in Germany go at the start. Then, 5 to 10 percent of the Vodafone users can use the 4.5 facilities. We are the first in Germany, offering 4.5 G. This is for us a giant leap forward, Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said. Vodafone is working on the 4.5 G project together with the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Thus also a Huawei Smartphone is expected, that supports 4.5 G. The two Samsung models S7 and S7-edge are currently the only 4.5G-tauglichen smartphones.