Marcello Carucci, Man Km

Marcello Carucci It is coach staff and fifth master dan of karate, and has a fondness for travel in spectacular motorcycle. Nearly 25 years he has traveled about 800,000 km, lately in his Suzuki Hayabusa. He has toured Europe, Middle East and North Africa through countries such as Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Turkey and Iran… and a lot more than them. All the travel you save a gallery of photos on your personal page, and also has mentions in journals of Italy as Moto, Corriere dello Sport, La Stampa, etc.

Reflection on The Road Bikers

Yesterday I went out with my classic Scooter club to give a tour of the province, trying to prepare the route we will follow in the rally that we tend to organize in November. This route we think feed into one of the biker roads of the province, the throat of Crevillente. For those who don’t know it, this road is a stretch of about 12 km from the national N-325, ranging from Crevillente to Aspe, both towns in the province of Alicante.

Roads of Bolivia

You have already come to show you pictures and videos, but I think that it is the first time that we went to format presentation thanks to Slideshare. Innovate or die!

Do you think the road to give you a little with your favourite Niurka? That Yes, beware of the overtaking the going a bit justito and the loophole is not clear…

By the way, if there is any reader of Bolivia that we cannot confirm the road exists and is actually there, it would be a pass.

Headphones Single2 of Free Beats with Your Next Mac

At the end have not had to wait for the coming week to discover what Angela Ahrendts was brought in hands with the “Back to school” of Apple for this year and, at least in the United States, the bet is the give away headphone Beats single2 $ 199.95 EUR with the purchase of any model of iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro.

Intel Skylake: Fast, Efficient and Powerful for The New Generation of Graphics

The smartphone is the King. The category able to overshadow any other release. Not surprisingly, all carry one in your pocket and we return home if we realize that leaving it forgotten. That is why, sometimes, we forget the rest of the technology industry and progress. News that will then affect other our main equipment.

Within days of the event that Apple will hold the next day 9, it is certain that that there will be a new iPhone. The question is if the introduction of the iPad, Apple TV and that rumored iMac 21.5 “and screen 4K will be also or they will wait for October. A question similar to the of if the new Macs will be or not the newly submitted Intel Skylake.

There Will Be No Merger between The MacBook and IPad

Rumors of Apple working on a device with all the power of a Mac and the advantages of a touch interface back to the same presentation of the iPad, and since then the Apple company always gave the same answer: “by no means. Convergence is not the way”. But the rumour refuses to die, probably because somehow arises from the own desire from users that become a reality.

Yes The Mac Pro Not Updated

There are references of a new generation of Mac Pro already long ago hidden in macOS, but despite rumors this never arrives. The current model is now three years old, and many professionals are giving up to look at solutions laptops like the MacBook Pro or the computers of other platforms directly.

But there is another consequence, particularly in this computer, which is not present on other Macs that also need to be updated. Mac Pro It is produced entirely in the United States, While the rest of the computers are made from China (with the exception of some iMac). Therefore, if the computer is not updated is not sold. And if not sold, the loss of that factory employment directly affects the American country.

Retro Style Swimwear

We prefer the bikini because the Tan surface increases, but it cannot be denied that the bathing suit It is styled, hides love handles don’t get beat with the operation bikini, and Moreover, it is much more elegant than the bikini. It makes you look like most dressed with only tie you a sarong to the waist.

It is ideal to alternate bikinis with some bathing suit in our beach bag. If you walk to the pursuit and capture of the perfect bathing suit for you, look what the trends in swimwear for this summer 2011 that we have ahead:

AXO Presents Winter Gloves

A new product comes in our help so not tor thee a finger by freezing whenever we go up to the bike in winter. After Touring Move of Kappa jacket will not leave your hands in the air, so AXO comes to our aid with its new range 2013 winter gloves. The collection of gloves is varied and covers all the options possible, from those who need something comfortable to move around the city to connoisseurs who seek high quality gloves.

ASUS Tablet PC

Two new models of computers to add to the collection of products that Asus has presented this year. It is of a Tablet PC 13.3 inch, the R1, and a UMPC, fashionable, name R2.

The laptop will have Core Duo T2300 processor, T2400, T2500, T2600, DVD burner, possibility of adding another battery, slot ExtressCard and biometric security. As for the hard drive, you can choose to capacities from 80 to 120 GB. The estimated price of this product will start in the $2,000.

Understanding the RAM in Android

Not long ago, a friend asked me why their X OnePlus was tremendously slow and with a considerable lag. Just see your device, I watched as the ROM installed, after asking him to a popular Chinese website, brought a considerable amount of pre-installed applications. Three of them had been the trigger for slow down your phone: 360 Security, Clean Master and Battery Doctor.

Plus Size Lingerie Brands

Finally Spanish brands for young people are beginning to find that there is an important market sizes wanting to dress up modern not covered. Violet by Mango was a big step forward, but there is still another workhorse for the sizes XL that still does not have hardly alternative purchase: the bra. Not to mention already in the sexy lingerie. We can hardly find anything sexy.