The Dream of Every Woman

Today our post is for couples in love, in fact, is primarily for men who love to surprise the woman beloved and demonstrate your love to a beautiful romantic attitude. Can be a simple compliment, a love letter, a bouquet of flowers, a surprise either, there is no woman who does not “If you melt” with a gesture of affection. It’s sooo cute when a man knows how to please us and know that you don’t have to go that far! Isn’t that right girls? And among so many cool things a man can do to show your love, one of the most beautiful and romantic (no doubt!) is asking the woman beloved in marriage, giving her a beautiful ENGAGEMENT RING! Ouch ouch… every woman’s dream, a beautiful surprise!

Fashion and Accessories Are Present at the 31st Parallel

MuBE – Brazilian Museum of Sculpture – will be the stage for another edition of Paralela, an event that brings together the best in the art, design and decoration segments. Under the watchful eye of Marisa Ota, the Fair is in its thirty-first edition and maintains its good taste and peculiarity to discover new brands, designers and innovative products. There are more than 40 exhibitors with many news and carefully selected pieces.


OMEGA announces the sons of Cindy Crawford: Presley and Kaia Gerber, as the youngest members of the family, now beside the mother. In 1995, Cindy Crawford became the first OMEGA Ambassador and contributed ideas for a new collection of Constellation line, helping to relaunch the line that same year. The youth ambassadors ‘ announcement was made at the opening of the exhibition “Her Time”, the Hôtel de Sully in Paris on the evening of Friday, September 29, and was attended by the whole family: Cindy Crawford and the entire clan Gerber (Kaia, Presley and Rande).

Westwing Guide Foryellow Pendant

Lighting is responsible for much of the beauty of an environment. With it you can leave a room wider, more cozy, more charming and more functional. It is not enough to just hang a lamp on the ceiling to obtain the desired decorative effect: you must invest in beautiful chandeliers, spots or lamps and, currently, the pendant is one of the alternatives used to give more elegance and harmony to the space. If you like a modern twist combined with a little daring, the yellow pendant is ideal for your home!

Luxury Steel Door

One of the hottest at the moment in time the world is lyxsport – on the one hand, the technological fold as represented by, for example, Hublot with innovative solutions, eye-catching design and exotic materials, but also the genre’s,; It then oxymorona luxury steel door theme from the seventies.

How to Make a Lamp with Preachers

Today the idea we want to present to you is a DIY-do it yourself, in English. How about making a low-cost lamp, creative and different? Design is easy and anyone can do it!

If you are a child, there is a warning: get help from an adult to avoid any problems with the materials.

High Low Trend

Natural hair, finer fuses, colorful turbans, huge prints. Lace. Jeans. Clothes torn, frayed, torn, but still with a chic touch. With just a few words, we have a real Potpourri of trends released in European streets this season, and they advertise: the summer of 2015 will be the hi-lo’s, a term used a lot in the beginning of the century and that now appears in full swing.

Graduation Party Favors Ideas

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best graduation party favors for your needs.

Graduation is an important time and suggestive in the life of someone who follows this prestigious title, who graduates choose to share this experience with their friends and relatives planning a party. The degree favors become the ideal to leave a memory of this moment your guests and at the same time to thank them for sharing it with you.

The favor is a lovely gift that is used to make the guests who participated in a reception or a party called for a special occasion, such as, in our case, his graduation. The candy serves, therefore, as a Thanksgiving addressed by graduate to friends and relatives who accompanied him to celebrate his academic achievement and that, most probably, have earned him a gift or a gift to congratulate him. After the graduation party the graduate receives gifts from the guests and offers to turn the degree favors as little gift of thanks, but also as a reminder of a special occasion and of the graduate, which guests can store over time.

The Men’s Style Look for the Weekend

Over a three-quarters of a year it has now been that men’s style looks #001has started. A series in which I wanted to introduce you, at irregular intervals, different looks. However, not as irregular as it was now. For 2016 now a lot will change and such contributions should be the rule rather than the exception.