What to Wear on the Beach

Knowing what to use to go to the beach is to bet, above all, on the lightness and freshness of the pieces, through the fabrics and the models used.

Check out the clothes and accessories best suited for the much desired days of sun and sea.

Cocktail Dress for Chubby

Many times girls gorditas or subiditas of weight have difficulties at the time of opting for a cocktail dress. But if this is your case you don’t have to worry because nowadays fashion designers also designed dresses for girls gorditas. Then I will give you tips to choose a cocktail for gorditas dress, and you will see that it is not is difficult as you think to find a dress that you favors and adapt to your own needs. So pay close attention.

The Famous Bikinis – Templates and Tips

The famous bikinis are beautiful models and summer is coming and with it the heat too, so it’s worth betting on bikinis, which in addition to help relieve the heat, still leave women more beautiful still. That’s why it’s worth picking up information and trends from everywhere, from the catwalks, TV, the internet and even the famous. And famous as Bruna Majmudar, Mariana Rios, Nicole Bahls, Isis Valverde and Juliana Paes proved this using models in bikinis as the basic ones, vibrant, printed and comfortable. 

Cocktail Dresses for Chubby

If you are a plus size woman and don’t know that dress to choose to go to a cocktail, then you have to see this article from start to finish. Then i’ll show you a collection of cocktail dresses for women sizes in bold colors and modern lines. So you don’t see them so that you can choose which best suits your personal style and the type of event that you attend.

Tips of Pants for Men Thick Leg

The sets, by more that don’t look, is democratic and there will always be models of clothes that match more or less with certain body formats. When we talk about it, we’re not saying you, for being fat or thin, cannot use a particular piece of clothing.

Prom Dresses Evening for Gorditas

The fashion world moves tab and already not only designed dresses for the smaller sizes. Increasingly (especially American) designers who join this trend of adding to their collections more Fancy dress night for Gorditas.

How to Choose the Perfect Skirt to Enhance Your Look

Versatile, beautiful and super feminine, the skirts can fill your personality look and the models meet the most varied styles and tastes

Available in several models, cuts, lengths and fabrics, the skirt is a great alternative for those who like to get away from basic day-to-day jeans or want to bet on an elegant look for work without having to cover their legs.This is also a sure bet to give greater femininity and personality to production.

6 Tricks to Get Beautiful with Jeans

The feminine universe brings countless options to create fashionista looks, feminine and more daring for any occasion. The denim arrived with everything and is the trend of the moment for those who want to stand out, create more personalized looks and full of attitude.

5 Fatal Mistakes When Using Leggings

The leggings are super comfortable and an excellent choice to incorporate into our wardrobes. There are a wide variety of designs and textures and returned as a major fashion trend.

However, this is a piece that’s very easy to make some mistakes. Watch your back!

What Jackets and Coats are Going to Pump This Winter

We just can’t decide what the most stylish model is!

As the thermometers were up there in the autumn, we almost thought winter would never arrive! But the days Friozinhos are back and they promise to stay here for a long time, after all, the coldest season in the year hasn’t even begun! With that, we are already excited about the fact that we will be able to put a jacket or a mighty jacket on a walk. We show the 5 models that will pump this winter for you to keep an eye on and invest already! Look at this:

The Comfort and Versatility of Men’s Sweatpants


Do you want a piece with the versatility of the jeans and the super comfort of the sweatshirt? Then you can write it down. The tip is jeans sweatshirt. And the new Summer collection of Consciousness Jeans has several pieces with this fabric.

Social Shirt: How to Wear

Social shirts have always been among the most used pieces, by both men and women executives. Generally in silk, satin, organza and other noble fabrics, social shirts have left the social and executive circuit to circulate in ballads, work and informal engagements.

How to Combine the Wool Sweater with Your Style

How to combine the Wool Sweater with your style-winter there and you need to be prepared to deal with the cold temperatures of the season. Did you know that the sweater is a key piece in the male wardrobe? In addition to beautiful, he is elegant and versatile. Want to learn how to combine the Wool Sweater with your style? Read our tips!