Google Play Store Tea Shows Which Applications Have Version Beta to Sign Up as a Tester

Most are developers who are encouraged to use the tools of alpha and beta of Google Play testing so your users can try the next updates of your applications. In this way the Beta testers they tested before next updates of your favorite applications and developers can correct errors and add improvements before launching their new characteristics to the whole world.

Google Launches ‘Play to Translate’: Performs Translations from Any Application

If you are already the Google Translator It was the best application to translate texts, conversations and images, it is now even better thanks to new functionality ‘ Tap to Translate’ or ‘Click to translate’ that Google has just introduced with the new version of its translator.

The new version Google Translator includes the functionality Tap to Translate that allows us to perform translations without having to exit the application that we are using. Thanks to this function, we can translate the texts that we can copy applications, like WhatsApp messages.

Google Play Awards 2016: Know The 10 Best Apps and Games of The Year Android

This year, for the first time in the Google I/O 2016, the new awards ceremony was held Google Play Awards in which a jury made up of members of the team of Google Play has awarded to the best apps and games this year.

Through 10 different categories they have selected the 10 best apps and games for Android that have distinguished themselves during the first half of the year. These have been the winners:

Google Allo and Duo Van to Fail and All Know Why

Google returns to the fray with Instant Messaging. On this occasion has taken advantage of the Google I/o 2016 to present their new applications for this purpose, Allo, and Duo, with some very interesting features that many are eager to try.

However, let’s not kid ourselves, they will fail again. Regardless of that will be able to create the best messaging application in Android or even in all mobile and non-mobile platforms I see unreal that they manage to break the market as things stand.

Android Instant Apps, Use Applications without Installing Them Also Will Be Reality Very Soon

Virtual reality with Daydream and Android, a higher intelligence conjugation to the search engine of Google and the new Android N Preview 3 version, these have been clear players in a 2016 I/O Google, which this year seems to have reduced the stream of developments in relation to previous financial years.

Google Allo and Duo: New Applications of Smart Messaging and Video Calls

Allo and Duo they are two new applications of Google to send messages and make video calls that arrive during this summer our mobile devices.

As we can see, Google is not exhausted by and with Allo and Duo you want to stand up to WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and other messaging applications, but to do this they have to set aside to Hangouts.

Google Spaces Thoroughly, So Is The New Application for Group Sharing

Since yesterday we enjoy in our Android devices a new Google social app, the new service called Spaces or spaces in Spanish which offers us a powerful tool for share content with small groups.

Who has already used Google Spaces you will have noticed that is not a messaging application groups it seeks neither to it, is an application of publications social network-style, but that the contents shared with our group of friends through spaces that we create to discuss any topic.

Offer of The Week in Google Play: Retrorika Icon Pack and Monster Mingle Than €0,10

Google Play It continues by lowering applications and games to 0.10 euros every week, and every Tuesday as we do a small review to learn which are the two offers that we can buy for a week at the irresistible price.

For this week Google Play It has lowered an application for lovers to customizations and a game designed for the smallest of the House. Until next week we can buy Retrorika Icon Pack and Monster Mingle than €0,10.

Google Launches Spaces, Your New Application Social to Chat and Share in Groups Now Available!

Filtering more than one month ago, today Google Spaces It is already a reality. Google has just officially present their new Messaging service focused exclusively for share anything through small groups.

Google Spaces allows us to create spaces on particular themes and add participants to chat and share content about a topic in particular. In this way we can have a space to talk about literature, the trip this summer or next weekend, to cite some examples. Google Spaces offers us a way to quickly and easily address each issue of separate and organized manner.

Google Maps 9.26: Notifications of New Places, Search on Walking Routes and Bike, and More

If you like shopping or dining at new or popular sites then you will love the new version of Google Maps that is already coming to Android devices.

Its new update to the version 9.26, Google Maps is filled with the following new features we’ll see after the jump, being the new notifications of new and popular places one of its main innovations.

Line Has Managed to Reach The 500 Million of Downloads in Google Play

Line It is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, and it has recently come to the not inconsiderable figure of 500 million downloads Google play. It is not the highest figure, obviously, but this gives us a small idea of how popular that is this app in the world.

In total, Line has 700 million users (it should not be forgotten that it is multiplatform) which, although is still quite behind the 900 million of Messenger and 1,000 million users of Whatsapp, It is the most strong opponent today considering that Telegram is still quite below with more than 100 million users.

WhatsApp Will Never Be a Service in The Cloud

On occasion we have criticized here that WhatsApp has had to resort to bungling to not become, like most of its competitors, a service in the cloud. The decision to become a single messaging platform has made to that service from multiple devices cannot be used (therefore they launched WhatsApp Web but requires that the mobile phone is connected) and backup messages in Google Drive (as opposed to the automatic backup of your competitors). But it seems that there is no reverse gear.

Increasingly Our Android Is More Protected, Thus Is How Google Has Improved Security

Google has today published the annual report of Security in Android in which they analyze and give information about how improved the safety of our devices for 2015, analysing the achievements.

Our Android devices are becoming safer, and download malware from Google Play each time is more difficult. Google to look for threats to nip them as soon as possible.