The Apple Stores Marks 13 Years by Connecting with Customers

This week 13 years of the opening of the first Apple Store the world in a shopping mall in Virginia, on the East coast of the United States. The exact date of this opening was on May 19, 2001. When it comes to Apple, everyone has an opinion about what should be done. Systematically, the Californian company takes the opposite to anyone who gives him advice. Wall Street, analysts and the media claim that Apple was wrong again and again. 

Apple Updates The IWork Beta to ICloud with More Content and New Features

Apple wants to dismiss on Tuesday updated iWork to iCloud beta channel. The web where we can create, edit and share documents from iWork has received new features that prepare it for more workload, in addition to some extra options for exporting files.

Apple Is Negotiating to Improve Your Own CDN with Providers of Internet Traffic

Aitor Carbajo commented us a few months ago the possibility that Apple may be riding their own CDN (Content Delivery Network), so dependent on third parties such as Akamai and also control the quality with which the content of the company reaches users. According to Streaming Media plans going forward, with the addition that Apple would be negotiated priority traffic with internet providers.

Mobile Payments, Customer and China Experience: The Three Tasks That Angela Ahrendts Wants to Prioritize

“Very passionate, close, very Apple”. This is what I have told employees of some Apple Store which have already received the visit of her new boss, Angela Ahrendts. The Executive took control of Apple Retail and the company’s online store a few days ago, but still has not done anything notorious which can be seen from the outside.

Apple Returns to Trust Samsung as a Main Supplier of Screens for The IPad

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is like the Romulus and Remus. Together they are creating a great Empire but the two have so much envy and respect who are trying to annihilate (in the competitive sense of the word) day if day also. However, as the two brothers who founded Rome according to legend are needed one to the other and it shows with their decisions. The latest comes from Cupertino since back to Samsung as a supplier of screens for the iPad.

Other Three Reasons Why The Purchase of Beats Makes Little Sense for Apple

A few days ago my colleague Eduardo Archanco disaggregated into four points the assets purchase of Beats should bring to Apple the deal is finally confirmed: the technology and the know-how of its famous helmets and speakers, the BeatsAudio software (currently integrated in Chrysler, Fiat and Dodge vehicles), and the streaming service Beats Music with its interesting recommendations filtered directly by DJs and music experts.

Why Shazam, Siri and Beats Could Return to ITunes to Your Throne

Now that the alleged purchase of Beats by Apple operation comes into scene, reinforced an idea that had in mind. I think that Apple is preparing a very important push for retrieve status of defender of the music that has always. It is a theory. It has little evidence supporting it and some of them are rumors that could confirm almost with the same security that we discard them. But I find it interesting to share it.

The Apple Store Leave The IPod Touch as a Payment Device to Adopt The IPhone 5S

If you have never been to an Apple Store, you know that many employees are not separated from their mobile payment devices. So far these have consisted of an iPod touch and a case with credit card reader, but it seems that Apple is replacing those iPod touch by the 5S iPhone models.

ARI Partinen, Expert in Chambers and Engineer at Nokia, Is Passed to The Ranks of Apple

ARI Partinen, photography expert engineer and one of the leaders of quality in the Nokia Lumia PureView cameras, He has been hired by Apple. He himself has confirmed it in a Tweet responding to another person about his work shift, saying also that it will start in June. One of the components of the iPhone that Apple cares most is the camera, so the entrance of Ari is another sign of that care for future phone models.

Apple Publishes Its Rules for When The Act Ask for Access to The Data of Its Users

Our privacy It has been tarnished, during early this year, by the controversy that the NSA starred with requests to read personal data through some companies user accounts. Apple He had already called at the time for change in these methods, denying it to collaborate with the authorities and later clarifying his position. Now the company has moved one step closer, publishing standards to follow when the United States ask for data of its users.

Apple Sends Your Message in The Trial against Samsung

About time. The last judicial soap opera involving Apple and Samsung has come to an end, at least until the parties have recourse. Thing that surely they do. The verdict reached by the jury yesterday in the afternoon hour of California sets that Samsung violated 3 of 5 patents argued by Apple, for which you must pay a total of $ 119.6 million. A number of tiny if you compare it with the 2,200 million requiring those of Cupertino.

Official Is: Angela Ahrendts Now Is The New Vice President Senior Apple Retail

Tim Cook has already said that it could not pass this week: Finally, months after the announcement, Angela Ahrendts It has ceased to be CEO of Burberry and It goes officially as new head of Apple Retail and the company’s online stores. Thus both the Burberry website and Apple’s been reflected in sections showing the directive. Rumors of that delay at its entrance until the coming month are therefore automatically challenged.

Apple Expands Its Team of Marketing to Make More “Product Placement”

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see the new film of Captain America and it was laugh at the scene where the protagonist comes into an Apple Store along with the black widow. I thought about how the very presence of the iPhone already saves Apple make the call “product placement” in the series and movies as before, but it seems in Cupertino want to promote precisely that.