ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE550ML and ZE551ML Receive a New Update

ASUS has released in the past few hours a new update for its ZenFone 2 in version ZE550MLand ZE551ML. For the first you switch to V _20150807. The ZE551ML, however, receives V _20150807.

Subject to certain changes, the changelog for both you and like pretend release issued last week. These common parts to two devices:

Keyboard Cover for S6 Edge +

With the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy, comes a new set of accessories and between covers and cases here appear highly unusual solution that could offer interesting insights in the near future. It’s called Keyboard Cover and was built for Galaxy S6 Edge + and should arrive on 5 Notes.

With a cost of between 60 and 100 € depending on the market (details will be published later), this case does not only offer protection for the back and corners of the smartphone, but also integrates a “block” physical keyboard.

Galaxy 5 Galaxy and Edge Plus S6

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy 5 Notes are now official and, naturally, will be marketed under the new Touch Wiz interface already introduced by Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the start of the year. Then we find all the typical functions of the new Samsung customization from the handy shortcut to start the camera, continuing to the new design and lighter than previous versions of the same. The Touch Wiz has never been agile and responsive as now and, at the launch of the two new terminals, is enriched with some small extra functionality, let’s discover them:

LG G Pad 2 8.0 Officer in Korea. Has the Stylus and Lollipop

LG G Pad 2 8.0 is official in Korea. Is a tablet with 8-inch 1280 x 800 pixels, 400 CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon and Android on LG UX interface Lollipop. Compared to the previous model, use a thinner and lighter chassis (8.95 mm in 347 grams) despite intact on the back a compartment for the capacitive stylus combined with 3.5 mm drill bit. Uses 1.5 GB of RAMand 32 GB eMMC with expansion via microSD up to 128 GB. Comes in white or black but the market price is still unknown.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Notes Will Not Be Marketed in Europe 

As we have widely anticipated, the Galaxy 5 Notes will not be marketed in Europe, at least initially. To confirm came also some statements by executives released to the media at the event yesterday.

“It’s just a business priority, nothing else,said David Kang, vice President of the online activities of Samsung Mobile. “We decided to launch first S6 edge + just to take advantage of the launch of S6 edge”.

Samsung 128GB Variants of Surprise Public Galaxy 5 and S6 Edge +

After early denials on the presence of variants from 128 GB for new Samsung Galaxy Galaxy 5 and S6 Edge +, confirmation came yesterday with the official presentation. Nay, new backtrack, because on the us site of the Korean manufacturer are also variants with 128 GB of storage, despite only 24 hours ago had only talked about those with memora from 32 and 64 gigs in no way expandable.

ZUK, on 21 August the International Version of the Z1 Based on CyanogenMod

ZUK, the new brand born from the collaboration between Lenovo and Elephone, announced last week its first smartphone, the Z1.

ZUK Z1 is a Dual SIM Android-based Lollipop ZUI interface and goes on sale in China in the coming days. The marketing of this device, however, you will not be limited to the Chinese market. The companies will hold a press conference in Shenzhen next August 21 during which will be also announced an international version.

Samsung Galaxy 5

And finally here it is, Samsung Galaxy 5 is official…. Sin is not intended for Europe, at least in this 2015. Unfortunately the rumors surfaced in recent weeks and are confirmed at the time and subject to change strategies, only S6 Edge + will come to Europe and in our country. 5 Notes is in fact intended for the American market (USA), and Korean.

Deaths apart from those who have eagerly anticipated the new notes to change smartphones, notes 5 features a 5.7-inch Super Amoled Display with QHD can offer exceptional visual quality. The shell is virtually identical to S6 Edge + but is instead, which is the curved glass was placed in the back while the front screen has a flat roof.

Notes 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Which New Samsung Would You? 

It’s been a few days since the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge +, two modules virtually identical to construction and hardware that are differentiated by the presence of S Pen on notes 5 and curved front on Edge Plus screen.

We have seen videos, photos, and preview and as we had widely anticipated, when 5 Notes is not intended for Europe. This detail has unleashed a veritable media chaos and many users are disappointed by this choice. Polls, Petitions and initiatives are not lacking and the intent is to demonstrate to Samsung as the series Notes is very much in vogue in Europe, hoping for a change of marketing plans for this product that will be sold in the US and Korea.

The New Huawei 950 Kirin Gets Impressive Results in the First Benchmark

The new HiSilicon Kirin 950 is the expected top SoC currently being developed by Huawei and that should debut before the end of this year, at least as far as his official presentation.

As we have seen in recent reports, Kirin 950 presents itself as a very interesting proposal because it is based on an architecture octa core with an energy-efficient cluster consists of 4 core Cortex-A53 and a second high-performance clusters that relies on 4 core Cortex-A72, unpublished on the mobile scene. Adding support for fast LPDDR4 RAM memories, the production process in 16nmFinFET and the powerful Mali-T880, it’s easy to see the high level of interest generated by the new proposal Huawei.

LlabTooFeR: News on HTC Hima_Aero and Software Updates

The well known Developer LlabTooFeR, always well informed source on the vicissitudes of HTC products provided in the morning a number of interesting rumors on the subject of software updates and the anticipated future Hima_Aero, codenamed ” hero product ‘ is expected for autumn.

Software updates:

There are two specific details of HTC devices provided by LlabTooFeR

  • HTC will begin to deploy the patch of “Stagefrightin the coming weeks for all models with Android 5.0. x
  • HTC will skip the update to Android 5.1 2014 modelsthat will receive directly Android with Sense 7.0 M

Galaxy 5 Galaxy and S6 Edge +, Early ‘ Test Lab ‘ Confirm a Good Autonomy

Despite an electric current of “only” 3000mAh, integrated battery from Samsung in its new Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy 5 would seem able to offer superior performance to that of the Galaxy Note 4 .

According to initial tests carried out by Phonearena, the Galaxy 5 managed to do better than its predecessor, reaching a length of 9:00 and 11min. against 8:00 and 43min. The Galaxy S6 edge + failed to do even better by reaching a period of 9:00 and 29min.

EISA 2015-2016: Mobile Device Category Awards Winners Announced

This year the European Imaging and Sound Association has awarded a series of technological products and brought the best among the various categories you choose, with a section dedicated entirely to mobile segment, which crowns this year four smartphone, tablet and a smartwatch top products in this category.