It Is Impossible to Get Bored with The New Zara for This Spring-Summer 2013!

My Zara relationship always has been and will be love-hate. His style lately is guilty of being too innovative to coast copy half a world fashion catwalks (Yes, even in the world of men’s fashion) and prices increasingly differ less than the garments of haute coture to which emulate.

T-Shirts with Pocket Stay with Us One More Season

When a trend gives very strong, is hardly maintained the following season. If I tell you the truth, not you bet or half shilling by t-shirts with Pocket for this Spring-summer 2013, but I was surprised (pleasantly, I must say it) find so much variety in some stores. I don’t know if you want to say something, but I have found none, at least in passing in Pull & Bear. Would you like to see shirts with Pocket proposed Topman, Zara and Bershka?

Burberry Brit Spring-Summer 2013: What All That Wrapped It Me Me It Took!

Burberry Brit line It has been exceeded for the season spring-summer 2013. A collection in which the sport style is modernized and dresses label adopting patterns more british firm, with a very striking and brilliant color palette and a set of textures clothes that make a small jewel within the lookbook each outift. Wasting class everywhere, with garments very versatile and easy to combine, Burberry Brit wants that this spring we are comfortable and above all elegant what it wrapped me all that I get it!!

Do You Dare You Con La Camiseta De Mike Wazowski?

I could not resist, sorry. With the second part of Monsters S.A.. on the horizon, Topman has chosen the best time to launch a t-shirt dedicated to the great Mike Wazowski. If you want that Wazowski run through your torso, just go to the website of Topman. Please, who are already getting t-shirts for! Looking for Dory!

We like, and Much, The Lookbook That Massimo Dutti Has Prepared for April

Spring for Massimo Dutti It has full name: David Gandy is called. As we have been able to enjoy throughout the season, the English model has been protagonist of his previous campaigns and for this month of April, the most elegant signature of Inditex, again to repeat the success formula.

The Rebirth of The Jacket ‘Bomber’. We Propose You Several for This Spring 2013

It is one of the garments more iconic the 80s and 90s years. Characterized by its style casual and sporty, the bomber jacket It has been one of the most used, that also just in the last few decades. From models in nylon, passing through the leather, this garment has been and will be, all a must in the closet of many men.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2013: Style Sailor Never Passes from Fashion

It is a classic of all seasons of spring. In fact, I think that in recent years we have not had one in which has not reigned the sailor’s style, and he did so as one of the most important trends. So this new spring-summer 2013 not going to be less.

In fact, navy style, swept the catwalks and, as much as you imagine, also in some of the most important campaigns. For a sample of what I tell you, nothing better to keep an eye on the latest proposed by designer Tommy Hilfiger.

A campaign in which the most iconic color combination of this trend; the red and blue tones, combined with white ladder … and which also have stripes or the large horizontal stripes, as outstanding print. Although what I discussed are not the unique details to highlight this advertising action. This campaign also reigns point, through parts as the lighter dot summer sweaters or the pique Polos.

On the other hand, will find large core of most summer wardrobe. We speak of Bermuda, fresh shirts or parts of marked air casual tailoring which are precisely which provides more sophisticated, than also casual touch, these more than appealing looks.

By the way, this familiar image has been photographed by Craig McDean in Sag Harbor in the State of New York. And in addition, in her we see many familiar faces from the House as the models Max Rogers, Bernard Fouquet, Thomas Gledhill and Arthur Kulkov, among others.

The Kiosk of Jezebel Man: a Review of The First Covers of Spring Air (I)

I do not tire of repeating this statement, the magazine covers they are a reflection of trends. Or at least, if they are not, they should be. Moreover, they should be a true reflection of real trends or, in any case, that they could adapt to the street. And is that, although many times editors delight us with spectacular and very theatrical productions – some of them impossible to dress up – this type of reports which understand them as inspiration.

Trends of Spring Made in H & M: Live The Obtaining!

Engamado: It says a set engamado when used or chosen in the same colors are the same or belong to the same color family; in other words, a set in which all garments are dark blue, for example, although the tones of the same vary in the shirt, pants and accessories

Enrique Palacios, The New Face of The Armani Colezzioni for The Season Spring 2013

Enrique Palacios It has been chosen to put a face to the new Armani collection for the season Spring-summer 2013. A collection that mainly based all his technique and style in a color palette of blue and shadow grey (identity and sign of the firm) with reconstructed silhouettes and a fixing by the obtaining only occasionally are interrupted by touches of Yellow lemon, cream or magenta. Whatever it is, it exudes elegance by each one Couture.

You Know Both Ends of Dr Martens

Whenever I see the news of Dr Martens, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I love their proposals, but on the other hand, I am not able to take any of their boots. If you are of my team, I have good news: today we bring you the casual line Dr Martens, much more relaxed and wearable.